"The Pact" is a story about three real people and how they made a decision together that they were all going to become doctors. They made a pact one day after seeing a program for college. They stuck with it and helped eachother out along the way. They all came thrugh and became doctors. For this assignment we had to come up with three questions for each chapter in the book, including the epilogue and acknowledgements. Then five comprehension questions at the end over the whole book.

Chapter 1:

Before George moved to Newark where did he live?
Who did George consider his "dad"?
Who introdused Geores to Shakespeare books and helped him organize "The Shakespeare Club"?

Chapter 2:

When is Sams birthday?
What did Sam find in Fel's stuff?
How did Sam steel the icee?

Chapter 3:

What was the main reason Rameck lived with his grandma?
What did Rameck pray for every night?
Why did Rameck give his mom the money for his portfolio?
Chapter 4:
What are some of the things that Sam, Rameck, and George have in common?
Who was having the most difficult time staying away from trouble?
Before deciding to go to college what did Sam want to do with his life?

Chapter 5:
Where did Sam, Rameck, and George hang out?
Why did George and his friends stab the crackhead?
What were George and his friends charged for?

Chapter 6:
At 15 where was Sam working?

What happened on Sams 17th birthday?
Why do you think Sams friends thought he would never make it to college?

Chapter 7:
What motivated Sam George, and Rameck to do good in school and go to college?
Did they have to change to fit in at Steton Hall?
Why did George break up with his girlfriend?
Chapter 8:
How did George avoid getting cought up in negative activities around his neighborhood?
What did Carla Dickson tell Rameck to make him feel like he belonged in medical school?
What did the students want to put on the buliten board for the Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Plus Program?

Chapter 9:

What was the name of the series of book called that they were studying with Jawanza Kunjufu?
What did Kunjufu wright inside Carla's books?
How did Sam's older brother die?
Chapter 10:
Rameck compared his first year at Seton Hall to living in a forgin country. Why do you think he felt this way?
Why did Rameck get in a fight when he was arguing with his stepbrother Michael?
Why do you think the kid's mom did't press charges?
Chapter 11:
Why do you think Rap music inspired George so much?
What was the name of the rap group that George and Rameck were in?
Who else was in this group with them?
Chapter 12:
Before Rameck met Kay what did he think of girls?
What made Rameck suspicious of Kay cheating on him?
After Kay and Rameck broke up how did Rameck's life change?
Chapter 13:
What was the good news that Sam and Rameck got the summer Before their senior year?
What happened to Sam's girlfriend when they broke up?
If you were in Sam's position (puking at the sight of surgery) would you give up on your friends or stick with the pact?
Chapter 14:
What was Sam's mom's dream that she accomplished?
What happened to George when he went with some guy to get some speakers for his car?
Why do you think George didn't tell his cousin who the guy was?
Chapter 15:
What was the cop's excuse for pulling Rameck over?
What did the police find in Rameck's glove compartment?
Why did the court have to drop the charges?
Chapter 16:
What do you think was the reason Sam didn't pass the exam the first time?
What did he do to improve his test score the second time he took it?
What do you think helped him the most, studing more, or encouragement and motivation from people around him? Why do you think this?
Chapter 17:
Other than becoming a doctor, what was George cosidering to do with his life?
What were Sam, Rameck, and George interviewed for?
Why do you think they put "Start of Something New" for the headline of the article?
Chapter 18:
While Rameck was at school where did his grandma move to?
What did the doctor diagnose Rameck's grandma with?
Why didn't Rameck's family let him be the doner?

Chapter 19:
What was the name of the foudation Sam, Rameck, and George created?
Why did it seem different to Sam when he returned to the place that he met with his probation officer?
Why do you think Kenny amired Sam so much?
Epilogue & Acknowledgements:
What were some of the motivations that kept Sam, Rameck< and George striving to do good?
What did each one of them bring to the pact and share with the others?
What do you think about their few pieces of advice?

Fallow up/comprehension:

1. At the end of the book, when that kid got shot on the corner by where Sam was working, after they had lost the patient, his mom was upset and yelling at Sam telling him he could have done more. How would you feel if someone did this to you, and how would you handle it?

2. How would you feel if you were in the situation where you were struggling getting good grades and you just wanted to give up, but you couldn't because you signed the pact?

3. If you were trying to get through school and you found out that one of you family members was extreamly sick or had a deadly disease what would you do?

4. Why do you think the boys created so many organizations throughout their school years that helped other student get through the same things that they struggled with?

5. How did Sam, Rameck, and George thank all the people that helped them get through life and fulfil the pact?